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Clients who are thinking about hiring my SEO Milton Keynes service but are still unsure can get their hands on a free SEO pack. These are detailed reports on your website covering many areas and including a lot of actionable data. There is no obligation to hire me, and it simply gives you a taster of how I work and your current SEO situation.

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What's inside?

Your SEO Milton Keynes review pack will contain a large amount of data. Some of the main features include:

Details on your main competitors to provide you with information about their own stage of SEO.

A detailed keyword review where I look at a few of the best keywords that you can target to get more traffic.

An on-page SEO review where I will look into your website's coding and find out how to optimise it so that it is ready for me to work on your SEO.

Understand How I Work

The SEO Milton Keynes review pack is an opportunity for you to see how I work. The review goes into great depth and provides a wealth of detailed information, much of which you can put to use straight away. I am very thorough and you will see this through the details contained in the report, and this can help you to decide whether you want me to work on your SEO or not.

Find Out More About Your Business

It is also a great way for me to find out more about your business and what stage your SEO is currently at so that I know what needs doing for you to see results. That way, if you do decide to hire my services, I'll already be working towards developing a strategy.

Hire Me or Not - It's Your Decision

I am keen to emphasise that I will never put any pressure on you to hire me after you have received your SEO report. I will give you a call to discuss the report and answer any questions you have, but I never go in for the hard sell and I leave the decision completely up to you in your own time.