About Me

I was working as a financial advisor back in 1995 when my SEO journey began. Business was going well, and I was enjoying my work. The internet had just arrived on the scene and I was fascinated by it, but I had not really got involved in it. Then one day I decided to launch my own small mobile phone website to see if I could make any money from it, but I was not expecting anything.
Six months later, I had been working hard on a bond deal that had just been finalised. The commission was going to be excellent, and I was very pleased with myself. The next day I decided to check out my mobile phone website to see what was going on, and I was shocked to find that I had made over 400 sales.

In fact, I had earned more from the website than my entire commission from the bond deal – all without doing hardly anything.

After that, it was obvious to me that the internet was my future, and I have never turned back. I could not have said back then just how much of an impact the internet was going to have on my life. Since launching that website, I have sold it to a large mobile provider, developed a number of hosting companies, launched a web development firm and, most importantly, developed my SEO skills.

I have ranked many of my own websites in the search engines, as well as countless more for my clients. This is my main focus now, getting your websites to rank well so that you too can take advantage of all the benefits for your business.

Where from here?

Although I have been involved in SEO since the start, I know that there is a long way to go on this journey. I will continue to help websites to rank in the search engines by improving their SEO. Milton Keynes businesses can take advantage of my experience and skills to get more traffic and conversions, and I look forward to helping your business do the same.